Terms and Conditions

Part or parts or whole of the stated “Terms & Conditions” can be changed without notice. Please be comfortable to refer everytime you order or deal with Nambul.

This website uses 128/256 bit encryption to protect customer and user data. https://nambul.com also maintains to hold a valid Industrial standard 2058-bit SSL certificate for security and safety of its website users.

This website also uses cookies to enhance better user experience for which you must have seen a popup window notification. Our Privacy policy is elaborated in the Privacy page (click here to read our Privacy policy).

We encourage genuineness in quality and price of products to list on this website, and also the service provided in the course selection to buying. We also look forward to providing post-sales services in the future. But for now we do take feedback from buyers and sellers and accumulate data for future plan of action and for use during  improvement of products and services.

1. nambul.com is maintained Nambul (eCommerce) for the purpose of providing easy, economical and ensured eCommerce services.

2. This website enlists all products from the sellers on a voluntary basis. We offer free listing starting from beginning to end of the process.

3. Prices listed for respective products are as mandated by respective sellers enrolled with us. We try our best and encourage sellers to list products in genuine price for all products. The prices listed are mostly the minimum prices agreed by sellers verbally.

4. Amount transacted through this website or Gateway integrated to this website or Nambul are broken down as follows:-

Price of the product – the price for the product is passed on to respective sellers.
Shipping & handling/labour charges – Shipping & labour charges are handed over to respective transport provider and labourer.
In case of shortage of shipping & labour charges, the shortage is leveraged from the product price for which there exists a bond between sellers and Nambul.
Gateway/Convenience charges – the gateway charges mandated by respective payment gateway service provider are indicated and adequately shown during a buyer’s checkout stage and the same is directly paid to the gateway service provider. Buyers can avoid this fees by opting for NEFT or cash payment.

All other charges if applicable are indicated and communicated to respective buyers during the completion of a buy order.

So, the buyer  is NOT at all liable to pay any amount more than that being charged during the completion of a buy order.

5. Completion of a buy order – An order for a product by a customer is completed when the total amount is paid and the product is placed right inside the home of the buyer as it is desired to be placed.

6. Labourers hired by Nambul for delivery of a product are not obliged to do any manual work other than for only the product ordered. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make it a smooth placing. For example, if a bulky furniture item is to be placed in the third floor of a home where there is no provision for adequately sized stairs, alleyways and doors to execute the service, we and our labourers are not obliged to lift the product using a rope or a pulley. The labour service that we provide is just hand carry, shifting and lifting in suitable environment. We shall not engage in any practice that shall result to damage to the product, any property of public, government or private or to man and animal.

7. In case of any dispute, we are not liable to refund any amount more than the total cost paid by the buyer minus shipping charges. For any disputes, terms given in the Dispute & Jurisdiction para applies.

8. In case of misbehavior or negligence from our staff or labourer, please make a direct call to 7799175401 or message us or email us to contact@nambul.com. The issue will be sorted out in best possible way and buyer’s priority will be first always and ever.

9. If in rare case, due to any unavoidable circumstances, the product is expected to be delivered late, the respective buyer will be informed and from which the buyer can opt for a full refund or wait for the order to be delivered and placed. We are not obliged to pay any compensation for the delay due to unavoidable circumstance, but we may provide some discounts or better service in future, without any guarantee, to encourage and compliment buyers.

10. Mode of Payments and procedures:-

Online Payment – Buyer’s order is complete from his/her end when the total amount in full is paid for product(s) through any online payment means which includes – Debit/Credit Cards, Netbanking, NEFT/Bank Transfer, BHIM, UPI, PhonePe or any electronic transaction into Nambul’s Account.

Cash Payment – If you order through Cash on Delivery, our agent will get in touch with you and collect the order amount before the final dispatch of the product.

Cheque Payment – For orders through cheque payment, our agent will be in touch with the buyer for collection of cheque from home/office of the buyer. The product will be considered for dispatched once the cheque is credited into Nambul’s account.

Refund– Customer can opt for a full-refund (excluding gateway charges which is non-refundable in case of online payments), if the product is not delivered within the guaranteed time for the product.

Delivery Zone – We deliver throughout the state of Manipur at one rate for a product – One Manipur One Rate.


  • It is very important that buyer fill in the form which includes contact details and shipping address.
  • The same information will be used by our agent to get in touch with the buyer.
  • If the attempt fails to contact the buyer through email and contact number, whatsoever reason be, for more than 3 attempts, the order will be considered as being cancelled. Buyer can however place a fresh order anytime by giving valid address and contact.

Dimension and Weight of Products – Different manufacturers follow varied units. This website follows inches and kgs for dimension and weight measures. In converting the available data, we generally round off to the nearest 0.25 inches (1/4″), for ease of remembering for the customers and we are of the opinion that the accuracy upto 1/4″ is good enough for taking buy decisions. So, the accuracy of the product dimensions listed on this website is generally +-0.25 inch. Weight of products are rounded off to nearest 0.5kg in most of the products. So, the accuracy for same is +-0.5 kg.

Colour of Products – Presenting the true colour has always been a challenge in the history of photography, and in the web-graphics too. True colour of any object is not presented through any kind of photography and web-graphics. To complicate this situation, variety of devices have their limitations and advantages of presenting colours. However, the truth remains that the true color as we see with our eyes are not presented as it is through any device so far. Moreover, the true colour of any object is not always same throughout even when we see through our eyes. For example, the colour of a chair is not the same when observed in the golden morning light and in the scorching noon. So, while we try to present the image of products listed in this website, slight variation will always remain, as a technical limitation.

Dispute & Jurisdiction – For any dispute and cases, the jurisdiction will be at Imphal.


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