We are listing all products in Furniture niche from all sellers for FREE. Listing process involves a lot of work like – Product photography, editing it to enable it to look as close as the original product, optimising it, compilation of product details and maintenance of database etc. Nambul will do it all for FREE. Nambul will even ship your listed products from your store to the customer.

Minimum requirements for listing:-

1. You are required to be authentic seller along with the product intended to be listed.

2. Your product must have a price tag. You can change it from time to time easily. Nambul does not list priceless products; no opportunistic selling.

3. You must have a commitment to get the product available, within some time-frame, once the customer have ordered it. We cannot tell the customers “You just pay and we will deliver it someday when we want; we don’t even know if we will deliver!”. That would be unethical business.

4. Your product must be genuine, and must give value for money – at least in your belief.

5. It is strongly recommended to give some warranty or guarantee, for some period, if you think your product is genuine, durable, high quality etc. Warranty and guarantee are trademark of genuineness.

If you think you are doing a business of selling genuine product at genuine price that will make people happier, contact us for listing your products. We will list them for Free!

If you think your selling business is ethical, let us know. We will list them for Free!

For more details, drop a message or call us.

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