How to Buy Using Facebook from Nambul?

1. Go to Nambul FB Shop using a suitable link below:-

Mobile link –

PC/Laptop link –

* You can also access our FB shop from our FB Page (mobile / PC). Then click on the “Shop” button.

2. Search products in our shop. If you like one, click on the product link (Product Name/Title). You will be able to see details of the product and also have the option to checkout/buy through our website.

I Do Not Trust Buying From Nambul!

You don’t have to buy without trust. It doesn’t make any difference to Nambul. Perhaps, it will make a big difference for you. Read as much as you can, on this page, to know better.  We are simply giving you what we think, a better, smarter, easier, economical and ensured way of shopping, for FREE. You avail it or not, it’s all your decision, and we respect your decision.

What is Nambul?

Nambul is a network/team of designers, constructors, manufacturers, retailers, vendors, transporters and IT Services & eCommerce experts, presenting you Nambul eCommerce is providing full solutions of buying and selling in the Furniture niche across the state of Manipur. Nambul also specialises in design and materialisation of all your Furniture and other construction needs.

Tell me in Short What Nambul Does?

By working as a team Ease, Economy and Ensured services are provided benefiting all – buyers, sellers, manufacturers, in terms of time, effort and budget. One’s idea of a product can also be materialised (brought to design and then to reality) with flexibilities in preferences and budget.

Where is Nambul Located, and Contact?

Official Address:

Thangmeiband Lourung Purel Leikai
Near: THYIO Toti Makhong
Imphal West

Nambul’s location is also published at the bottom part of all web-pages, in, under the heading “Nambul Office”. The address is clickable leading to Google-Map location of Nambul’s office.


Call Landline: 0385-2416116
Call Mobile: +91-9436696674
WhatsApp: +91-7799175401

Nambul’s contact is also published at the top part of all web-pages.

Does Nambul have a store in One Place?

It is impossible to display physically all products (1000s) available in as it enlists products of all voluntary sellers across the state. Database for thousands of products are being compiled to make it available in your internet-enabled devices. Another thousands of products from across the sellers in Manipur are in the listing pipeline, and the process will always be an ongoing one. Someday in the future, shortly, Nambul will enlist all products from all sellers in the state of Manipur. But that will not be the end to compilation process as products always evolve with the need of the masses.

Putting to physical display for all products available in the database under a single roof is not possible; and even if it is possible, will not solve the problem. Because, a place is just a point on the map and will still not make the products easily accessible to someone residing at a distance. In short, making all the products physically available at all the places is a problem with no solution.

Wise idea of putting all products everywhere is only, virtually, through the technology of IT & web/internet technologies where all databases can be compiled and kept. This results in a lot of cost saving, subsequently giving low cost to buyers. More investment in selling means more cost, there is no way(or magic formula) to recover investments other than buyers, finally. This idea of Nambul also enables buyers to select products and shop from any place using internet enabled devices, any time. Sellers can also reach out their products to huge number of potential buyers.

Nambul’s Price Seems to be Higher than Shop Price?

That is not true. Nambul lists all products at discounted price from the shop price. So, you get to buy from a discounted price from from the shop’s price for a product. But this is not the only benefit.

Have you calculate all the associated costs? Total cost is the cost that you will spend to get the furniture item at your home in your room, well placed. Did you forget additional costs – transportation, labour, parking fees and the fuel burnt during your search for furniture? Well it costs time too. And warranty and guarantee at your doorstep? So, you get all those too, for FREE. Total cost will always be far economical, that’s a guarantee!

I don’t Believe!

Popularity is the proof! There are many returning customers who buy again and again. Often, they are those who have seen bad times, and Nambul helped them address the problems after sales (Post-sales support). Else, who will buy bad product and service again and again?

If Nambul is Providing IT and eCommerce Support, Does it not Lead to Increased Price of a Product?

No, the idea of price hike is a misconception. Nambul lists all products from voluntary sellers for Free so that sellers do not incur more investment. More investment on the part of selling means more cost; finally it is the buyer that pays. As listing procedure involves no cost to the seller, it will not impact the product price.

Well thought out modality based on Information Technology and eCommerce enables most efficient, most convenient and most economical selling and buying experience for both buyers and sellers.
Purposeful and efficient use of Information Technology and eCommerce platforms, in the long run, not only benefits sellers and buyers in terms of time, effort and money, but also enables Nambul’s sustenance.

Still not Convinced – How Does Product Price not Hiked While Nambul Needs Sustenance Cost?

Well, in that case of not being convinced, seeing is believing! Nambul and its team whose products are listed engage in a number of exchange of services at business rates. So, it is guaranteed that there is no impact on the price of a product listed. However, due to the exchange of services it benefits all – sellers, buyers and Nambul. It’s a Win-Win-Win business model. Ensured Ease and Economy for buyers and sellers.

Why Buy from

eCommerce is the future. There are numerous reasons for using Nambul as your preferred choice. We have listed just some so that you have some thoughts to start with:-

  • While wide range of choices are available for access through one window at cheaper cost in terms of price, effort and time, why not?.
  • When you can shop from your device at a place and time of your convenience unlike shops which are located at different physical locations and only some of them are accessible to you, that too – only less than half of a day’s time (less than 12 hours), why not?
  • If you can take wise decisions before spending your hard earned money by looking at all available options, including offers and discounts, why not?
  • Nambul gives you a wide range of payment options, why not?
  • It provides Ensured Ease and Economy, why not?
  • When it is a smarter choice, why not?
  • When it has the ability to materialize products around your requirements i.e. customized product. For eg. Children table, Podium, Director’s Desk., and many more. You name it, we give. You think and tell us, we design and materialize it straightway. It’s like Aladdin’s magical lamp! So, why not?

I Don’t Want to Buy, I Don’t Believe this Online Mode!

It is good to be cautious. But it does cost one to remain out-dated, and remain sulked in a corner. The whole of this globe is embracing the technology and saving time and effort. We are simply giving you the opportunity to exploit and make good use of technology. All said, Nambul is not for those having a lot of leisure time & finance to roam all-day-long around the state and habitual of paying higher effective cost for a product.

Nambul is online which is also accessible and approachable due to its localised model.

What is Nambul’s Working Hours?

We are available all day, all time for buyers via communication medium. For business matters, we are open to meetings during the time slot as published at the bottom part (footer) of‘s pages.

Where is My Product?

As Nambul lists many products from many sellers, the location of a product is in its respective seller’s address. Different products will likely have different physical locations. The primary purpose of Nambul is to make wide range of products available at a stop. Only a website, or a similar model, is possible to execute the task of making all products available at a single point of access for sale or purchase. And that single point of access is available everywhere and anytime!

Nambul is Just a Broker Who Sells Other’s Products!

Suppose you go to a factory yourself. Whom do you talk to and from whom do you buy? It is just the manager (if it happens to be a huge factory selling at competitive price), or it is just the owner (again one who is only managing the works of carpentry). Finally is it the carpenter who makes a product? How about the tools he uses? Then, carpenter is also just the one who stacks things together in form (he is the one who manages tools and raw materials to materialize a product). Okay enough, let’s make it at your home! Try doing this and see how much it costs in terms of price and effort; and it costs knowledge. The fact is everything perfect cannot be found at a  singularity of point; even a big factory is just good at few of the products. Then, how can you choose from a wide range of products effortlessly? Well, answer this to yourself, you will get fair idea of a better service.

When Asked for Price or Details of a Product Why Does Nambul Give Links, This is Not Straight and Fair?

Well, price of any product, or anything in the market for that matter, is not fixed. Prices fluctuate – generally upward with time, and down where there is an offer. The point is price changes. Straight answer related to prices and other details of a product in figures might not always stand true against time. So we give link of a product, which are updated from time to time, that will likely stand the more stably with time.

PIN Codes Covered by Nambul/No Shipping Method Error

We offer “One Manipur One Rate” shipping cost. Our shipping method supports all PIN Codes of Manipur. In case you find any error during checkout, please do contact us. We promise that your product will be delivered.

How do I pay through Online/EMI?

You will need online Banking Services. Contact your bank branch for support, if you do not have one. Here are steps to buy products from Nambul through online payment options (As an example, EMI option is elaborated in details):-

  1. For single product, open the product page by clicking on the product name or on the image from a search or category result. Then click on the “Buy” button.
  2. For multiple products, add the products you want to buy into your Cart by clicking on “Add to Cart” button on each product page. Then click on “Check Out” option available in the Cart  page or in the Menu.
  3. In the “Check Out” page, fill your necessary details correctly.
  4. If Shipping address is same as billing address, uncheck the “Ship to a Different Address” option. If shipping address is different from billing address, check the “Ship to a Different Address” option.
  5.  If you have a Promo Code, on the Have a Coupon click on the “Click Here“. Then enter your Promo Code. As an example, we are using NAMBUL as our promo code.
  6. In the Cart page, you have three payment options – “Pay by Cheque“, “Pay in Cash” and “Pay Nambul Online“. Of the three options, check the option “Pay nambul Online“. And check “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions *” option.

    “Pay Nambul Online” Option
  7.  Click on the “Place Order” button. You will get a wide range of online payment options.

    Wide Range of Online Payment Options
  8.  You can choose any of the options – Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, EMI, UPI, BHIM, PhonePe and NEFT/Bank Transfer.
  9. On choosing any of the available options, you can further fill your related details depending upon the option you have chosen.


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