Our Strategies and Objectives

NAMBUL.COM powered by Nambul eCommerce  is a team of IT & eCommerce experts, manufacturers, constructors, designers, vendors and retailers. It is an ever growing model which means it is growing and will keep growing. Nambul works with 3E core agenda; Ensured Ease and Economy to provide you the best online shopping experience from the convenience of your home.


Making things easy isn’t easy at all, but our dedicated IT services team and closely knitted supply chain ensures timely delivery and quality service even if we have to sacrifice few tea breaks. Well that makes your life easier, we are here for it!


Good savings makes good life ahead, save that extra money for your family. We are here to give you the most competitive price in the market. And yes! You save your precious TIME too because NAMBUL.COM is a one stop shop, no running from pillar to post. So go ahead, have your own sweet time and let us do your hard work.


Sounds too promising? Our third “E” seals the trust between You and NAMBUL.COM. We just don’t babble rather we count on deliveries to the point of customer satisfaction. Register with us and we Ensure you peace of mind.

To add more to the credibility and trust, it is a localised model which means all the service providers – be it IT & eCommerce, manufacturers, designers, retailers and vendors – they are all reachable and accessible, not just a far off unknown agents.

Due to the team-work model, customers can enjoy uninterrupted and smooth service – be it in buying, enquiring, searching for the right product, or be it a post-sales support.

END to END Service, in a nutshell.

Come aboard, we await you to experience our service.

Warm regards,



Supporter & Investor

Bishorjit Konsam invests in Nambul

“Loose it all if you can!”

He continuously supports and monitors the progress of Nambul from Budapest, Hungary where he presently lives. Apart from an engineer by profession, he loves to simplify life, and innovation in any field. He presently works on many projects which are potentially of great good impact to the mankind.

You can reach him to his email: bishwojitkonsam@gmail.com

Eyes of Nambul

Nongamba Sorokhaibam (Nongam Sorokh) is one of the finest and tech-savvy photographers & graphic-designers. A seasoned graphic designer, and the happiest one you will ever come across who enjoys his work. He clicks and refines all that you see in nambul.com. He works for Nambul out of his passion towards realising Nambul’s potential in bringing great impact to the masses.

He continuously supports and monitors graphic contents for nambul.com

Click them all.

Show what you see.

You can reach him to his email: pranongcc@gmail.com


Oken Khwairakpam (Oken Khwai) gave birth to the idea of Nambul. He is a young veteran soldier retired from the Indian Navy (ex-Marine Commando). During his service in the Elite Special Force, apart from being a fine soldier who have left no stone unturned, he have handled the portfolios of IT Specialist for a long time and other demanding positions requiring a hardy man.

He actively participates in MHRD sponsored ‘Talk to a Teacher” project. He is a consultant, reviewer and an external contributor in spoken-tutorial.org, co-ordinated by IIT, Bombay. Oken have reviewed, contributed, and been consulted for well over a hundred of contents related to computer education and programming softwares.

“Give back & give good for what is paid.”

You can reach him to his emails: oken@nambul.com, okenkhwairakpam@gmail.com

If You Have Come So far…

If you have traveled this far (scrolled this much), let us tell you, in raw, what is this Nambul all about
I was searching for nice table in 2005 August heat. Just a nice table which we place near a Sofa set.
Came to know, lately, that it was a center-table it was to mean. I had a glass-top center-table in my mind and was running from post to pole.
Never knew where to find my love – the center-table which I might fall in love at the very first sight. Not for me though, for my sister as a wedding gift (not dowry! :-)). I never found my love – the center-table, not till now. Till now, that am married and father of a young girl. But bought one, in that August heat. I was enervated looking for a center-table at a right price that is agreeable, somewhat.
The shop-keeper, somewhere in Imphal (Moirangkhom area), threw a price, which I thought was high. Tired, I couldn’t even bargain, having lost my voice bargaining all through the Imphal city.
With a low voice, I requested the shop-keeper to consider a discount, on his own, and expressed that I would surely buy. He gave me ₹100 discount.

All day long, in the August heat; any which way in the whole city which is small, but prodigious sometimes (if you have similar experience and agree).
Happy with a ₹100 discount, it was good anyway. Something was better than nothing!

Is it?

No, not at all. If you are sitting and just reading this story, it must surely be  unacceptable. But if you faced, and we all face this, ,we submit and COMPROMISE.

Compromising on TIME, EFFORT and MONEY. We all do frequently; I bet you do.

“Not anymore, no compromise when NAMBUL is there”. This is our business ideal.

You better compromise on many counts just to spend some time with your love ones – mother, father, wife, child or to do the things you love to.
Such is the idea of NAMBUL.

Be informed, and be wise. Make your decisions well-informed and the best one; if not anything, at least a wise one. And it is not 2005, now we give you the information. Value your hard-earned money.

Thanks for your time and love for Nambul.

Happy shopping!

Objective – To provide buyers with better value for their hard earned money, and sellers with top-class selling experience.

Furniture shopping involves shelling a huge amount from buyers’ financial power. But just spending a big lump from buyer’s account balance is not all that is involved. It also involves a lot of (1) time, efforts and money in selecting, travelling and searching the right choice.

The irony is – indeed one finds the right choices but challenges does not end there. Frequently it happens that during shopping of (2) multiple items, one finds them stowed at different shops/studios/factories located at different locations. Now it’s time to transport!

Some sellers may provide (3) transport under different circumstances – purchase volume, buyers’ own arrangements/ extra cost etc.

So, there are three main problems that one cannot do away with during furniture shopping – (1), (2) and (3). Solving these three problems, either totally or singularly, will inevitably tax either the buyer or the seller or both in terms of time, effort and money.
nambul.com is solving these three problems without taxing the buyer and seller by exploiting Information Technology and eCommerce platform.

Core principles of Nambul are – Ease, Economy and Ensuring; 3Es, for both buyers and sellers.

Good news is that it benefits both buyers and sellers. Don’t believe? Seeing is believing!



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